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  • Centralised Management

    Integrating S.O.S. for Business into your systems and daily tasks is simple. Using a single Dashboard to manage all your backups, you’ll have access to the following tools:

    • Remote management
    • Report scheduling and access
    • Sub-account management
    • Server license provisioning
    • Username and password creation for all sub-accounts

    Remote Management and Control

    If you’re in charge of data protection for multiple offices, S.O.S. for Business includes a Dashboard for remote management and control. This solution lets you backup your entire business from a single and convenient location.

    Backup and Account Reporting

    S.O.S. for Business allows you to access your backup and account reports for all sub-accounts in your organisation thanks to remote online backup deployment. The central Dashboard lets you see a timeline of successes, failures, backup times and dates and the number and size of whatever files have been backed up. You can also arrange for regular email updates for backup reports to your entire company.

    Bare Metal ImageCreator™

    Our comprehensive server backup software includes Bare Metal ImageCreator, which seamlessly generates bare metal images for all your larger server files and machines. This ensures that your backups will be available on different types of hardware and protected using military-grade encryption.

    Exchange Backup and Granular Recovery

    If you’re looking for fast, flexible and simple server migration, then S.O.S. for Business can help with its exchange backup and granular recovery. These features ensure a smooth restoration process for your server backups and that any accidental deletion or other data loss can be recovered, including:

    • Messages and mail items
    • Contacts
    • Public folders
    • Attachments
    • Calendar items
    • And more!

    Windows Server Backup and Recovery

    S.O.S. for Business performs bare metal backup and recovery of Windows Servers. These backups are stored safely in the S.O.S. cloud, using 11 military-grade data centers worldwide. All backups are protected by 3 tiers of encryption for the ultimate security.

    SharePoint Server Backup and Recovery

    Bare metal backup and recovery of SharePoint servers is fast, easy, and secure. S.O.S. for Business’s Bare Metal ImageCreator will create a base bare metal image file of the SharePoint server and continue to make incremental image files whenever changes are detected. S.O.S. can be used on any hardware, no matter how dissimilar, and does not limit the amount of time your backups are accessible.

    SQL Server Backup and Recovery

    S.O.S for Business performs full bare metal backup and recovery for SQL servers. SQL databases often contain highly-sensitive information that is constantly changing. In order to eliminate errors during the backup process, our bare metal backups are kept synchronised with the applications involved, taking snapshots to ensure that every database record is complete.

    Unlike our competitors, S.O.S. does not limit the time in which you have access to data and offers unlimited and automatic archiving of every file version.

    Online Backup and Recovery Manager

    Our Online Backup & Recovery Manager is specifically designed for server backup strategies, using award-winning software to get your backups safely stored in the cloud. S.O.S for Business uses military-grade encryption to protect business data locally, in transit, and at rest in the data center.

    This tool employs S.O.S Timeline Recovery, allowing the user to scroll through a simple calendar and restore any version of any bare metal backup file. We ensure that an unlimited number of file versions are available for recovery and that all files are automatically and infinitely archived. Once your bare metal backup is at rest in the data center, it will be available for restoration anywhere at any time.

    S.O.S. Forever Save

    S.O.S Online Backup has applied its award winning technology to automatically and infinitely archive your files and does not limit which backups are accessible for recovery. All backed up data will be available, forever.

    S.O.S for Business is designed to protect your data forever and allow you to recover it at any time. The S.O.S Timeline Recovery calendar allows you to select a date in the past from which to recover data backup was performed will be instantly recoverable from that specific date.

    Unlimited Version Archive

    Keep an unlimited version history of all of your files. Roll back your SQL databases to last year’s backups if you wish. Use the S.O.S Timeline Recovery feature to go back to the date of your choice and restore your backup from that date. S.O.S for Business provides this function in standard file and folder online backup and recovery.

    Unlimited Computer Backup

    S.O.S for Business packages are developed to sustain business-grade demands, allowing companies to backup up to 5,000 PCs, workstations, and laptops. With S.O.S for Business, you can manage all of these PCs with a single Dashboard and eliminate the need to juggle multiple accounts.

    With unlimited cloud storage for every PC backup, businesses are free to provision space throughout their organization as they please. This flexibility makes S.O.S for Business the most affordable way to backup your business.

    Continuous Data Protection

    S.O.S LiveProtect is our continuous data protection feature. As soon as a change is detected within a document, the new file version is sent to the cloud for secure storage. However, thanks to S.O.S ForeverSave, your previous file versions will still be available to you forever and accessible through S.O.S Timeline Recovery.

    Multi-Destination Backup

    With our local backup system, you can backup your important files with encryption to an external USB drive, a local network location, a USB stick, a tablet, or any other local medium for greater security.

    Flexible Scheduling

    With S.O.S for Business, you have the flexibility to schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups. Choose the files, folders, servers and workstations that need to be backed up and schedule them in advance for safe and optimal PC performance.

    For bare metal backups, we realize that your CPU resources may be slim. S.O.S for Business allows you to choose your throttling and frequency of your backups.

    Enterprise Compression

    The S.O.S compression system only backs up the files you change. This means that only changed 1’s and 0’s are transferred. With a business-grade file transfers, the size of the files poses no challenge for our continuous backups.

    Military-Grade Security

    Our 3-tier security system provides enterprise-level data security and privacy protection, giving you military-grade encryption and total government compliance. S.O.S provides an additional password encryption option called UltraSafe™. UltraSafe encrypts your data with a password that only you can ever access.

    For businesses concerned with geographic redundancy and specific redundancy requirements, S.O.S for Business uses 11 data centers worldwide. These data centers are located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.

    Should your business have specific redundancy requirements, S.O.S is happy to discuss these needs.


    S.O.S for Business is compliant with many government regulations, allowing it to be used in a variety of industries, such as:

    • Law firms
    • Doctors and dentists
    • Opticians
    • Certified Public Accountants
    • Restaurants
    • Retail businesses
    • Government offices
    • And so many others!

    Mobile Backup and Recovery

    Backup and recovery apps for Android, the iPhone and the iPad are available at no additional cost with S.O.S for Business. Log into these apps with an existing account or sub-account for any of your organization’s employees.

    Enjoy these excellent mobile-friendly features:

    • Backup Unlimited Devices: Backup as many Android and iPhone devices as you need. S.O.S for Business does not limit the number of devices, only your GBs.
    • Backup and Recover an Entire Smartphone: S.O.S for Business allows you to backup and recover apps, contacts, photos, videos, and other media.
    • Recover to Any Other Device: Recovering and restoring data is simple with S.O.S Android and iPhone apps. We can restore any file to any device, even a PC.

    Access Backups Anywhere

    Our Android and iPhone apps enable you to access backups anywhere in the world. Preview, stream or download your backed-up data, regardless of file type and size.

    Share Backups

    Backing up your business data is critical not just to your company’s long-term health, but to every employee or coworker who depends on that data. S.O.S for Business offers native mobile backup apps that allow data to be shared between employees or external users through a secure email link.

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