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    “Cloud Computing” and the “power of the cloud” are a couple of the biggest buzzwords in business technology over the past few years, but what does the “Cloud” really mean for small business owners?

    Many people assume that “Cloud Computing” is only a topic of interest for IT professionals, or that it’s a highly technical subject that is hard to understand. The truth is, the cloud is all around us and we’re already seeing amazing developments from cloud computing and cloud-based services in our everyday lives as consumers – everything from smartphone apps to mobile banking to services like Gmail or Google Docs. You might already being using Cloud Services in the form of Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive to name just a few Cloud Storage Services.

    What Is Cloud Computing?

    In general, cloud computing is a matter of providing certain technology solutions (software, platforms, servers, infrastructure, etc.) as a “service” instead of as a product. With cloud computing, rather than buying software or buying a server that is physically located at your company’s office, you are “subscribing” to a service by paying to use someone else’s software/platform/server, which is accessed online.

    What we offer?

    Cloud infrastructure projects

    We will do all the important work to take your existing infrastructure, build the new infrastructure and then migrate your data, email and all applications.

    We specialise in execution this work with minimal impact on you and your business.

    Cloud backup

    Secure, robust, backup of all your data utilising our backup platform.

    Cloud monitoring

    We will be monitoring your cloud solution, report, and resolve IT issues proactively. We would prefer to prevent a problem than address it once it’s occurred.

    Small business / enterprise cloud

    For those with a large server we have a solution to meet your Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability needs.

    There are a range of options tailored around your business.

    Microsoft Office 365 cloud services

    Access your email, documents, contacts and calendars from virtually anywhere, on almost any device. The service brings together online versions of the best communications and collaboration tools from Microsoft, including Microsoft Office Web Apps, at a price that small businesses can afford. Office 365 was designed to be easy enough for small businesses to run without specialised IT knowledge.

    Hosted Services

    If you want to minimise the servers at your office or want the added security we will host your very own servers or virtual servers. We will look after them, maintain and create backups so you will never be without your data, no matter where you are.

    We offer a range of Cloud Services, tailored to suit your business needs, from antivirus solutions to cloud based servers.

    For a free no obligation quote or if you have any questions, please use our online contact form  or call 01455 289820 and one of the team will be more than happy to help.