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  • Home User Services

    The PC Clinic provides high-quality computer services right to your door. We specialise in diagnosing and solving the problems faced by both small businesses and computers users at home. We promise to speak to you in plain English and deliver exactly what you need.

    We cover all areas of work, from running new software to installing wireless networks. Whether you’re based on a desktop PC or a laptop, we have a solution guaranteed to suit your individual needs.

    PC Health Checks and Repairs

    Is your computer running slowly? We can get it to work like new again with our comprehensive PC Health Check, guaranteed to improve your desktop or laptop’s performance, stability and security.

    Our PC Health Check includes:

    • The latest Windows software and security updates
    • Free and fast antivirus software
    • The removal of all viruses, spyware and non-essential start-up software
    • A thorough cleaning of your computer’s air vents and fans
    • The de-fragmentation of your hard drive

    Unlike other companies, we use expert consultants to perform all our PC Health Checks. Besides their personal and friendly service, we promise to never force you to buy a system upgrade and will only recommend possible upgrades if we feel they’d benefit you and your PC.

    If your home PC needs a repair, our specialists can visit your home or business for on-site inspection and work. We can also bring your PC to one of our workshops for more time-consuming jobs—and regardless of the job, the PC Clinic uses a simple pricing structure and keeps you informed every step of the way.

    Broadband Internet Solutions

    We offer several high-quality Internet products for both home and small office users. Working alongside Brigantia®, our Internet connection is unparalleled in its speed and reliability to give you better peace of mind. Our services also include telephone support from Brigantia’s very own call centre in the UK—a level of service and support makes it one of the best brands in the industry.

    Call our friendly team for advice on 01455 289820  or use our online contact form